【Japanese Sake】Hatsukame Tokubetsu Jyunmai_初亀 特別純米

Introducing our products! / 弊社取り扱い商品のご紹介!

■Hatsukame_Tokubetsu Jyunmai / 初亀 特別純米

This Junmai sake is made with 55% koji and 60% polished Yamada Nishiki and Oyamanishiki rice. It has a well-balanced taste with just the right amount of flavor and a crisp flavor, making it a versatile sake that can be enjoyed with any type of cuisine. It can be enjoyed both cold and warmed.

■Hatsukame Jyozo Co., Ltd. / 初亀醸造株式会社


■Concept / コンセプト

 The concept of Hatsukame Jyozo is to pursue the essence of a brewery itself. The brewery aims to be a brewery that thinks about making real sake and real people in the age of mind instead of the age of material things. As for the rice, the brewery uses safe, high quality and inexpensive rice that is suitable for sake brewing. In order to achieve this, the brewery have to think about coexistence with the farmers and are currently working together with Tojo Town in Hyogo Prefecture for Yamada Nishiki, and are particular about using Gohyakumangoku and Oyamanishiki from Nanto Agriculture Cooperative in Toyama Prefecture, so we are thinking about living in harmony with the farmers who are thinking about the future of agriculture in Japan. In addition, the brewery believe that they should pass down our hand-made sake brewing techniques and brew "Hatsukame" by doing a satisfying job without sparing our sweat.

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■Around the brewery / 周辺

 Okabe Town is a city of tea, mandarin oranges and bamboo shoots. Okabe is famous for its high-quality gyokuro tea and its unique taste, which is widely praised throughout Japan. Due to its warm climate, bamboo shoots sprout early and are sold to restaurants in Tokyo and other cities for a high price. Okabe Town is located between the Abe River and the Oigawa River, and is a lodging town with the famous Utsuno Pass. In mid-October, once every three years, farmers in the Asahina district of Okabe town hold the Great Ryusei Festival, a festival in which they create a bamboo tube with a traditional mixture of gunpowder at the end of a 10-meter-long bamboo pole. Since the fireworks are made by an amateur group, the success rate is 60-80%. Also, the rivalry makes the festival more exciting. In addition, seats with tatami mat is built across the small town's rice fields, where people can exchange drinks and enjoy an autumn day.





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