<Japanese Sake> Ishizuchi Jyunmai Ginjyo / 石鎚_純米吟醸

Product List / お取り扱い商品

■Ishizuchi Jyunmai Ginjyo / 石鎚 純米吟醸

This sake has a noble, broad and deep taste unique to Yamada Nishiki.

・Served in Business First Class on ANA international flights.

・The Gold Medal at the Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Awards 2020.

・International Wine Challenge 2019Gold.

・SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Silver award.





・SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Silver 受賞

■Ishizuchi Shuzo / 石鎚酒造

 The goal of Ishizuchi Sake Brewery is to make sake that can be enjoyed while eating. The slogan of the brewery is "We make sake for our customers who love Ishizuchi". The brewery's focus is on making Junmai and Junmai Ginjo sake that gets better from the first three times when you drink it.

Ishizuchi, the highest peak in western Japan, and in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture, which is renowned for its excellent water. The brewery is located in the Saijo-Shuso Plain, and the climate and structure of the area are very suitable for sake brewing.

The Ishizuchi Sake Brewery is a family owned sake brewery. The brewery was founded in 1920 and in 1999 the toji system was abolished and the current system has been in place for 20 years. Their philosophy is to make sure our work is done with care and diligence, and all of our employees work together to make Ishizuchi, the best sake in the world.

石鎚酒造が目標としている酒造りは、 "食中に活きる酒造り"。です。そして、蔵内のスローガンは、 "石鎚を愛して頂くお客様の為に造る"です。この酒蔵は、純米酒・純米吟醸酒を中心に、3杯目から旨くなる酒を目指した酒造りをしています。



■Commitment to rice / 米へのこだわり
They understand the breed characteristics of the rice they use and consider how they can reflect the unique flavor of the rice in the sake, especially in Junmai sake. Most of the rice used is suitable for sake brewing.

■Commitment fo Water / 水へのこだわり

Saijo City has long been known as a town of excellent water, and the water that flows from the Ishizuchi mountain range, the highest peak in western Japan, has been awarded first place in Japan for two consecutive years in the "National Delicious Water Competition" sponsored by the Environment Agency. The water used for brewing sake is ultra-soft water that comes from a well in the brewery. They believe that the clear aroma, crisp texture and velvety softness of the finished sake comes from this brewing water.





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