Kuroge Wagyu / 黒毛和牛

Introducing our products! / 弊社取り扱い商品のご紹介!

 Most of the cattle described as "domestic beef" are crossbred and dairy cattle. “Wagyu” is also considered as domestic beef, but since it is a beef that has been breed-improved over the years to be used for food, and the breed is different from dairy beef, the quality of meat attachment and fat attachment is different very much.

 Among Japanese wagyu (Kuroge Wagyu, Brown Wagyu, Japanese Short-horned Beef, Ankaku Wagyu) all over Japan, Kuroge Wagyu has more than 90% of the breeding population. Based on Tajima beef, which has an excellent pedigree, it is said that the body is the tightest and the meat quality is good. And the main feature is that there are many marbling. This unique fat called "marbling," creates a tender meat quality.

■ Meat is elastic
■ There is little water
■ Soft
■ It is well tightened
■ Fine texture





<Reasons for deliciousness>

 We only offer the meat we handle that has been carefully matured by a meat craftsman to ensure optimal aging. The sirloin that has the title of "sir" is the meat for the steak, which is the richest part of the loin. The shoulder meat with a good balance between red meat and sashi (fat) is for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. Also, juicy ribs are for grilled meat. In this way, each part is sliced ​​and cut into a shape suitable for each dish. A butcher who buys a whole beef processes the same one beef from high-class sukiyaki to reasonably priced cuts, so every meat is delicious.






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