<Japanese Sake> Akabu Jyunmaishu / 赤武_純米酒

Product List / お取り扱い商品

This is a junmaishu that is full of Akabu's character with all the waste removed to the very last detail!


Akabu is a junmaishu that has a refreshing, fresh feel so much, so that it feels like a junmai ginjoshu, despite its rugged appearance. This can be felt from the aroma, and when poured into the glass, the sweetness of the fresh rice creates a fruity aroma with a fruity feel, and the freshness that seems to go down your nose stimulates your nostrils. When you drink it, the soft, puffy rice flavor and the refreshing mineral sensation slides over your tongue in a very pleasant way.


However, Akabu is not only easy to drink, its flavor has a depth and breadth that makes it full of mellow flavor, like biting into a juicy rice fruit. The aftertaste, which fades away like a candle, is also superb, and this Junmaishu is brewed with the perfect balance of flavors so that you never get tired of drinking it.

Akatake Sake Brewing Company founded in 1896 / 赤武酒造株式会社 1896年創業

Young people, led by the sixth generation, with the motto "Create a new history for Akabu Shuzo," understand how to make sake that fits the era, and brew sake from Iwate with passion, love and determination. Our aim is to create sake that will be passed down to a new generation, and the sake we brew is evolving day by day.

Akabu Shuzo brewed a local sake called Hamamusume, which was deeply rooted in the region. After the Tohoku Big Earthquake, Mr. Hidemine Furudate, president of Akatabu Shuzo, was determined not to lose Hamamusume, which was loved by the locals, so he rushed around Iwate Prefecture to find a sake brewery that would lend him equipment and finally succeeded in continuing the production of Hamamusume. Then in 2013, he was able to build a new brewery in Morioka City, fulfilling his dream.


In the summer of 2014, a year after brewing at the new brewery began, their oldest son, Ryunosuke, returned to the brewery. Ryunosuke had made a sake during his training, and when he tasted it, Mr. Hidemine said it was "quite delicious. His clients were asking for a sake with more impact, so he appointed Ryunosuke, who was 22 years old at the time, as the Toji (chief brewer).

And the new brand that Ryunosuke brewed was named Akabu after the name of the brewery. The first year of Mr. Ryunosuke's first batch of Akabu was well received by Mr. Hidemine, but Ryunosuke wasn't satisfied with it. However, Akabu's solid taste has led to a string of retailers handling it, and it is now a major brand sold throughout the country, especially in the Tokyo area.In 2017, although Akabu is a very young brand, only four years old, it has won many awards, and the quality of its production has It has gone up every year.




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