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Shichiken_Fuurin Bizan / 七賢_風凛美山

Refreshing dryness that penetrates the flavor of the rice.
This sake bring you a superior surprise and an emotional experience by mastering brewing way. This high quality taste is what makes Shichiken Junmai-shu. We have created a slightly dry sake with a refreshing finish, valuing the rice flavor and the fruity ginjo aroma that penetrates the nose. It can be served cold, at room temperature, or warmed up, depending on the temperature range you prefer.


Hitogokochi-asahinome-no-yume", a type of rice grown in Yamanashi Prefecture
 / 山梨県産酒米「ひとごごち・あさひの夢」

This brewery uses "Hitogogochi Asahi no Yume", which is grown by a contract farmer at a high altitude in Hokuto City. It is characterized by a high percentage of heart white, a cluster of starch in the center, and is said to be a good brewer's rice for fermentation.

Yamanashi Meijyo Co., Ltd. since Y1750  / 山梨銘醸(株)寛延3年創業

The company was founded in 1750. More than 260 years have passed since Hakushu, the land of famous water, brewed with the subsoil water of Mt Kai Komagatake. The brewery also focus on the development of sparkling sake, "shio koji" and "koji sugar" as well as new sake brewing methods.

創業1750年。名水の地・白州にて南アルプス、甲斐駒ケ岳の伏流水を醸して260余年。初代 北原伊兵衛光義より十二代に渡り脈々として受け継がれた伝統と地域に根ざした「地産地消」による酒造り、また、スパークリング清酒の開発「塩麹」「糀糖」といった食品や、新しい日本酒造りにも力を入れています。




  • 1000 / 1000