<Fruit>Yubari Melon / 夕張メロン

Product List / お取り扱い商品

■Outline / 概要

Yubari melons and Yubari King melons are grown in Yubari City, Hokkaido. Only those melons that are collected by the Yubari Agricultural Cooperative Association and have passed rigorous inspections are shipped under the Yubari Melon brand, and Yubari Melon has become a registered trademark of JA Yubari. Those melon grown around neighborhood cities cannot bear the Yubari name. The name of the variety is "Yubari King Melon" and "Yubari Melon" is the trademark name. The Yubari melon is famous throughout Japan as a red-fleshed net melon of high quality.


■Distribution / 流通

Due to a length of time remaining of products, JA Yubari formed a partnership with a major delivery company, Footwork. An epoch-making direct delivery system was introduced at the time. Yubari melons, which until then were only available in Hokkaido, could now be shipped out of Hokkaido by direct delivery from the production center.


■Production / 生産

Seeds of Yubari melons are strictly stored in the safe of the agricultural cooperative. There are two types of cultivation: greenhouse cultivation, which ships by mid-July, and tunnel cultivation, which ships by September. In both cases, the plants are grown on the ground, growing two vines per plant and yielding three to four plants. Pollination is carried out by the bees and takes about 40 to 46 days from pollination. However, the number of days depends on the conditions, and the harvest tends to be earlier and less sweet when the temperature is higher.

夕張メロンの種は、農協の金庫で厳重に保管されている。ハウス栽培とトンネル栽培があり、ハウス栽培は7月中旬までに出荷し、トンネル栽培は9月までに出荷する。いずれも地這え栽培を主として、一つの株から二本の蔓を伸ばして3 - 4個収穫する。受粉はミツバチによって行われ、受粉からの日数は40 - 46日位である。しかしながら、条件によってはその日数も異なり、気温が高いときのほうが、収穫は早まって糖度も落ちる傾向にある。

■Similar species類似品種

The red-fleshed melons, known as Sapporo King and King-type melons, are almost close combination to Yubari melon. On the other hand, the red variety, represented by the Rupia Red melon, is a different variety with a different texture and sugar content.

■History / 歴史

The Yubari Melon was born in 1961, and in 1982 a tie-up with the major home delivery business "Footwork" made it possible to ship the melon nationwide. And in 2011, the Yubari Melon Growers Association celebrated its 50th anniversary.

■The first bit / 初競り

At the first auction held at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market, a distribution center for agricultural products in Hokkaido, retailers, department stores, and other companies compete for prices, and in recent years, a box of two balls has fetched more than one million yen. The top 10 bidders at the first auction receive a panel with a clock from the Yubari Agricultural Cooperative as proof of their success.





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