<Fruit>Densuke Suika / でんすけスイカ

Product List / お取り扱い商品

The BLACK WATERMELON - the king of watermelons in terms of size and taste
真っ黒いすいか ~サイズ、味ともに一級品のスイカの王様〜

The long-lasting, red flesh of the watermelon is exceptionally sweet. This black watermelon is a jumbo size as indicated its name "Den!". It is the king of watermelons with the highest gift price of 650,000 yen per ball sold at the Maruka Asahikawa Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market in 2007. The watermelon is very popular as a gift in and out of Hokkaido. It is a brand of watermelon with a crisp texture and luxurious sweetness.


■Naming / でんすけすいかのネーミング
It was named Densuke Watermelon in honor of the Toshimitsu Omiya, a comedian who was popular for his stage name "Densuke" and whose humorous appearance with his black painted eyes and head of nose attracted a lot of attention. The name also means "Densuke" in Japanese, as it is a substitute for rice to help the farmers in their fields in the midst of the government's policy of reducing the amount of rice paddy fields.


■Features / でんすけすいかの特徴
It grows more vigorously than the striped varieties and has excellent fruiting ability. The large watermelon weighs 6 to 8 kg. The flesh is bright red and the juice is refreshingly sweet. The skin is dark green. The watermelon is characterized by its appearance without stripes. Because it is a highly bloated variety, it is also prone to hollowing out, which requires high levels of cultivation management techniques. The highest grade of superior quality watermelons rarely have cavities, but the flesh of the next highest grade of superior and good quality watermelons is almost always hollowed out.

■Strict cultivation standards result in "Densuke" / 厳しい栽培基準が生みだす『でんすけ』
Densuke Watermelon is produced in accordance with the strict cultivation standards set by the Densuke Committee of the Toma-machi Densuke Research Association, which is organized by farmers. A manual has been created for soil preparation, temperature and moisture control, disease and pest control, etc. In addition, study meetings are held twice a month from late March to mid-June to exchange opinions with other famers. They spare no effort to explore technology as a group.

■Species name / 品種名:Tahiti / タヒチ

■Shipment period / 出荷期間:July to Aug / 7月より8月まで。




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