【Japanese Sake】Tengumai Yamahai Jyunmaishu_天狗舞 山廃純米酒

Introducing our products! / 弊社取り扱い商品のご紹介!

■Tengumai Yamahai Jyunmaishu / 天狗舞 山廃純米酒_IWC Gold Prize
It is a Jyunmaishu with a unique character in which the rich flavor and sourness that are balanced from the special brewing methods called "Yamahai jikomi". The golden yellow color is pleasing to the eyes.


■Tengumai's commitment / 天狗舞のこだわり

①Hand-made / 手造りということ

There are many processes to brew Japanese sake. Nowadays, many machines and devices have been introduced and the number of sake breweries to increase work efficiency is increasing. Of course, the brewery rely on machines and equipment for processes that don't affect the quality of the finished liquor such as rice washing and mashing as well as rice milling. However, for malted rice brewing and yeast brewing, the five senses and experiences of people have a great influence on the completion of sake. Therefore, this sake brewery is particular about handmade and carefully serve sake.


②Traditional brewing methods_Yamahai jikomi / 伝統の山廃仕込み
At Tengu Mai, a lot of Japanese sake is brewed by using this traditional brewing methods. In the 1960s, Tengu Mai's traditional brewing methods was built by Toshiro Shata who was the 7th generation owner and Nakazaburo with their heart and soul. Following that tradition, this brewery has made small improvements every year and is still in the present. At Tengu Mai, they aim to make sake that is rich in flavor and sharp, and brew a large amount of sake using this Yamahai jikomi.

Japanese Sake brewing is profound, and the brewers must spend several years standing at the entrance to Japanese sake brewing and spending years trying to understand it. In addition, the underground water that springs from Mt. Hakusan and the good rice that grew in the Kaga Plain will brew and cultivate Tengumai sake. Without forgetting that, the brewery passes on the skills that have been passed down from the past to the present and the joy of sake brewing to the next generation and also cherishes the desire to continue the continuous sake brewing.


③Golden Yellow color / 山吹色の酒
At Tengu Mai, ordinary products are stored in bottles after being aged in the warehouse. When brewed sake is carefully aged with high quality rice and water, this sake will turn golden yellow. Tengumai avoids the use of activated carbon which can adjust the color of sake, as much as possible to reflect the original taste of rice. In addition, in the manufacturing process of malted rice, it is made by a method in which the koji mold is propagated more than in a normal sake brewery. Therefore, even freshly squeezed sake will have a yellowish color derived from this malted rice.




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