【Japanese Sake】Shizenshu Jyunmai ginjyo_しぜんしゅ 純米吟醸

Introducing our products! / 弊社取り扱い商品のご紹介!

■ Shizenshu Junmai Ginjo

The characteristic of natural rice is that the rice itself is pure and has a low taste. Therefore, it is a smooth and clear sake with a lower rice polishing rate than regular sake rice. It goes well with any dish, so you can drink it every day and never get tired of it. It is a liquor that has been brought up by nature with full of flavor.

■Niida Honke

Rice is cultivated in our own rice fields and contracted farms. Those farmers never use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, they use compost using rice straw husks and rice bran and organic fertilizer as the main compost. Those farmers cultivated under delicate rules such as no topdressing after heading, no using pesticide, weeding by hand. The water used is either soft water with a low mineral content that springs from the mountains or hard water that contains a moderate amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the wells. There is a shop in the premises where sells sweets made using sake and sake lees and holds various events such as Sweets Day, rice paddies, and Niida Thanksgiving several times a month. You can also visit the sake brewery if you make a reservation in advance.


■しぜんしゅ 純米吟醸



米は、自社の田んぼや契約農家で栽培しており、 農薬・化学肥料無使用を始め、元肥は、稲藁籾殻、米糠、ふすまを用いた堆肥 やぼかし堆肥を利用しておりまして、本肥は有機肥料を使っております。出穂後の追肥は行わない。除草は手取りや田車により、農薬を使用しない。 等、細やかなルールの下に栽培している。仕込み水は、山から湧き出るミネラル分の少ない軟水と、 井戸から採水するカルシウムやマグネシウムなどのミネラル分を程良く含む硬水を使い分けています。敷地内には売店があり、日本酒や酒粕などを利用して作られた菓子などが販売されている他、スイーツデー、田んぼのがっこう、仁井田の感謝祭など様々なイベントが月に数回ほど開催されている。また、事前に予約すれば酒蔵の見学も可能です。




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