【Japanese Sake】Katsuyama Jyunmai ginjyo Ken_勝山 純米吟醸 献

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"Katsuyama Junmai Ginjo Ken" is a sake that was selected as the "Champion Sake" from all nine categories in the IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2019 SAKE category. It is a sake with a rich taste that carefully brews Yamada Nishiki, a rice that is suitable for sake brewing, and has a beautiful harmony of the refined aroma and the umami of rice. In addition, in 2015-2016 it has been ranked No. 1 for two consecutive years at Japan's largest sake appraisal meeting [SAKE COMPETITION] Junmai Ginjo .

「勝山 純米吟醸 献」は、IWC(インターナショナルワインチャレンジ)2019SAKE部門にて全9つのカテゴリーから最高賞として「チャンピオン・サケ」に選ばれたお酒です。酒造好適米の山田錦を丁寧に醸した、上品な香りとお米の旨味がきれいに調和した、味わい豊かな食中酒です。また、2015年-2016年 日本最大の日本酒鑑評会[SAKE COMPETITION]純米吟醸の部にて2年連続日本一位に輝いております。

■勝山酒造  / Katsuyama Brewery 

Katsuyama has inherited its history and tradition as a leading sake brewery representing Sendai, Miyagi from more than 320 years ago. There are two origins for the name of "Katsuyama", one is "taking the winning star like a mountain" for a samurai, and the other is the predominant and gorgeous samurai style of hair-shape among women in the early Edo period called "Katsuyama mage". There is a theory that the name of sake was taken from the fashionable fashion of women at that time.

In addition, it has won a total of 14 gold awards from the 1970s to the end of the Showa era and 8 times from 1989 to 2006 at the National Sake Appraisal Committee. The brewery has been brewing only sake with a specific name that is higher than "Honjyozo", as a brewery that represents Sendai of the modern age.

After moving from Uesugi, which has a water source for Katsuyama, to the foothills of Izumigatake in the northwest, the production volume was reduced, and the brand name was aggregated into 4 items of "Akatsuki/Den/Ken/Enishi". The brewery designed a brewery that brews only high-grade sake that is more than pure Junmai sake, with one tank to be charged in one week, and realizes precise manufacturing under thorough temperature control in all processes. In addition, the brewery introduced a "centrifuge" that is only available in Japan, and adopted it as the ultimate in-meal liquor for "Akatsuki", the finest sake in Katsuyama. In 2010, "Gen" was released to suit rich dishes and desserts. 2012 Newly released "Rei" that goes well with hors d'oeuvres and meat dishes.




■テロワール /  Terroir

・米へのこだわり / Commitment to rice DIAMOND

 DIAMOND AKATSUKI, Akatsuki, and Den use 100% Yamada Nishiki, Hyogo Prefecture, which is suitable for luxury sake. Enishi, Rei use Hitomebore which is grown cultivated by a rice master at Izumi-ku, Sendai City.

DIAMOND AKATSUKI、暁、伝にはラグジュアリーな高級酒にふさわしい兵庫県山田錦を100%使用。こだわり抜いた縁や䴇には名人が栽培する仙台市泉区産の一等ひとめぼれを使用しております。

・水へのこだわり / Commitment to water

This area is a granary area centered on rice, and the water that springs from Izumigatake is polished into a stratum over a long period of time, becoming a beautiful soft water that moistens the surrounding paddy fields and serves as a water source for Katsuyama. It is pumped up from the deep well and used. The quality of liquor is soft water with a hardness of 35 degrees, which is suitable for sake brewing.





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