Nanshu Kurobuta/南州黒豚

Introducing our products! / 弊社取り扱い商品のご紹介! 

The best six white and black pigs synonymous with Nanshu Farm! Definite high-quality born in Kagoshima. 
The roots of "Nanshu Kurobuta" are "Kagoshima Kurobuta" that was produced at the Kagoshima Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station. The endangered "Kagoshima Kurobuta" was revived by the efforts and passions of the people involved. Only Kagoshima Kurobuta with excellent quality can be named as Nanshu Kurobuta.

Features of “Nanshu Kurobuta” Deliciousness
● Fine muscle fibers and soft texture
● No smell and no harshness
● Contains a lot of amino acids and has a sweet taste
● Rich in gloss and elasticity
● High water retention and tight








Nejime Yoko Beppu farm spreads out in a quiet mountain area.

The hometown of "Nanshu Kurobuta" is located in the mountainous region of Nejime, just before the southern end of the Osumi Peninsula. It's easy on the eyes and ears, and the deep green and pleasant tranquility as far as you can see. At this Nejime Yoko Beppu farm, Nanshu farm consistently carry out everything from seeding to shipping. The annual shipment number is about 8,000.


Look after carefully and Talk to "Kurobuta"
In general, about 12 pigs are given birth at one time, while about 8 Nanshu Kurobuta are born. The shipping weight of 114 kg is about 8 months longer than the half year of general pigs, and it takes time and effort. That's why Nanshu farm take care of each one, pay attention to their physical condition, call out to raise them carefully.

The meat has a strong taste and the fat is slightly sweet and refreshing.
"Nanshu Kurobuta" has added 10 to 20% of sweet potatoes to the feed from about 60 days before shipment. As a result, it has a light taste without stickiness. In addition, green tea powder which prevents oxidation is added to make the meat juicy and the wheat produces a beautiful white, shiny fat.







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