【Japanese Sake】Nanbubijin Tokubetsu Jyunmai_南部美人/特別純米

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 Nambu Bijin is a sake produced by Nambu Bijin Co., Ltd. which is a sake brewery located in Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture. The company name and brand name are derived from the fact that the location was in the Nanbu State in the Edo ear and a beautiful taste of this sake was compared to a beauty.

 Nambu Bijin mainly use rice for sake ("Ginginga", "Ginotome", etc.) from Iwate prefecture. In addition to such high-quality sake brewing techniques that emphasizes local rice utilization, exports and overseas exhibitions, Nanbu Bijin are making new efforts such as letting AI learn konw-how of the chief brewer at a brewery (the type of brewed rice, the rate of rice polishing, and the determination of water absorption time according to the temperature e.t.c.). 

 The 5th generation brewery's representative director / Kousuke Kuji enthusiastically engaged in not only sake brewing but also PR / promotion, overseas market development, so that Nanbu Bijin is one of the well-known brands of Iwate Sake. Nanbu Bijin has been adopted as the first class of Japan Airlines from Y200, and as the inflight liquor of Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines from Y2013. In 2017 Nanbu Bijin was awarded Overall Highest Champion Sake at the INTERNATIONAL Wine CHALLENGE Y2017, SAKE division of Special Junmai Sake. (Source: Wikipedia)


 地元岩手県産の酒米("吟ぎんが", "ぎんおとめ"など)を中心に使っています。こうした地産を重視した高品質な酒造り、輸出や海外コンテストへの出品のほか、南部杜氏が酒造りのノウハウ(酒米の種類や精米歩合、気温に合わせた吸水時間の決定など)を人工知能(AI)に学ばせて継承するといった新しい取り組みを行っています。

 5代目蔵元である代表取締役/久慈浩介が、酒造りのかたわら、PR・プロモーション、海外市場開拓など渉外活動に熱心に取り組んだ結果、岩手の清酒では知名度の高い銘柄の一つとなっております。2007年からは日本航空のファーストクラス、2013年からはエティハド航空とエミレーツ航空の機内酒として採用されています。2017年には、INTERNATIONAL Wine CHALLENGE 2017 SAKE部門 特別純米酒:総合最高位チャンピオンサケを受賞。(出典: Wikipedia)




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